Month: December 2015

The Year in Pictures

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Dirk Smorenburg

Dirk Smorenberg (Dutch, 1883-1960)


Dirk Smorenburg


Satan Honors Detroit

The nation’s first state-sanctioned Satanic Ceremony performed at the Michigan Capitol Speech delivered by Jex Blackmore, Director of The Satanic Temple of Detroit December 19, 2015 “Hail Comrades. Hail sisters and brothers.

I had one of those… it was tan

I traveled all over the East coast in one of these V-dubs.  Can’t say much for the heater but the bed was comfy and it was fun to drive.  One time, I got it up to almost 75 mph.  It…

Radio Bike With Adjustable Suspension

Huffy probably pioneered this idea but I had a similar setup on a Sears bike AND a horn!  The D cell batteries in those days were not as well sealed as the products in the 21st century and the contacts would…

Two Guys – 60s version of big box stores

I remember going to one of their stores and seeing galvanized garbage cans full of rifles, surplus military material from WWII and Korea.  The M-1s were heavy, around 8 lbs, and they were coated with cosmolene.  There were also some…