Month: January 2016

What a fine specimen

Gotta wonder how VW obtained permission to set that photo up.  Those were such fun little micro-buses.  Can’t much for the heating system though it may not have been a topic for Californians.

Such a very bad idea!

This is so wrong… those tin can cars were so poorly made, I can only imagine the corrosion that occurred overnight.  I wonder if there was a Kennedy involved in this story.

Triumph – Café Racer

Before disc brakes, before drive shafts, rear brake on the left, gear shift on the right… more vibration than a battery operated “device” and about as well lubricated–and that’s before mentioning the Lucas electric system!  Nonetheless, these were great fun…


A neighbor had one of these.  His was yellow He never drove it.  It just sat there like an ornament or artwork, enhancing his home, a lawn jockey with wire wheels.