Month: February 2016

What happened to the Republican Party?

When vomit becomes puke, you get this… Jeb and NancyBoy.  A goddamned shame and disgrace to masculinity, humanity and integrity. You boys need to go queer-off on the bus.  And then get the fuck out of town.

Hassy 500 C/M

No one would carry a 500 C/M slung over their shoulder.  Irrespective, it was a compelling graphic image.  Small wonder that Levi didn’t offer them a red label to sew onto one of the seams and kill two ads in…

Cameras that I have enjoyed

I had a few different medium format film cameras, awhile back.  The modern cameras are a lot better, easier to use, cheaper and reliable. I had many 35 mm cameras from the Nikon F series, still do have a few…