About changing hosting service and domains and setting up a webpage

I didn’t start off in December thinking about setting up a new website or Word Press page or whatever you call this structure.  The domains I had were originally registered with GoDaddy and I had no complaints with GoDaddy, their prices or their service…until they decided to renew my domain registration(s) for a few more years than I had thought about renewing them for.  They sent me a notice and a bill when they decided to make a few decisions for me that weren’t things I was thinking about doing.  Still, the prices weren’t absurd, it just seemed heavy handed, to me.

My hosting service provider had been HostGator and they were completely satisfactory until they weren’t.  How did they become not satisfactory?  Well, I decided that I was SO pleased with them that I would just transfer the domain registrations, for ICANN purposes, to them and have ALL of my online stuff with them.

Noooooooo.  It started off pretty well.  And then someone, somewhere, whom I will never know, decided that the transfer couldn’t happen because I had not complied, in some way, with ICANN rules.  My villainy was in allowing my domain subscription service to expire on Tuesday, all the while knowing that I was moving all of the subscriptions from GoDaddy to HostGator ON WEDNESDAY.

Hell, you might think that I was doing a ‘Hitler Finds Out’ narration instead of just moving from one service provider on Tuesday to another service provider on Wednesday.

By the end of the day, Wednesday, not only had HostGator refunded my payment for domain registration transfer and privacy fees, they billed me for hosting on a domain that was no longer in compliance with ICANN rules!!!  Sheesh.

So, after a few hours of online chat, some phone time and plenty of assurances that the transfer would be accomplished… I had nothing.  And that is how I came to this point of having to recreate the whole thing on yet another domain registrar and hosting service provider.

It would have been easy enough to just copy the WordPress stuff out of HostGator and move it to the new hosting provider but I was so annoyed that I just purged everything I had on HostGator, terminated them and moved all of my business to another provider, at lower cost.

Not only was my new hosting and domain service at least 20% less expensive, they were able to facilitate the domain transfer from GoDaddy to the new account in about 30 minutes, on a weekend–no less.

In short, after running long… GoDaddy was fine, I should have just stayed there.  If I had stayed with GoDaddy for registration, HostGator would have been just fine, as well, for hosting.  In the redux, I am paying less, have everything in one place and wherever the villains are, good luck finding them.

No one ever went on a witch hunt and came back empty handed.

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