Cape Ann Safe Zone! A Trigger-Event-Free Consensus Site

Cape Ann’s last vestige of liberal opposition has recently emasculated itself as a gathering spot for similarly minded moderate, libertarian, contrarian, republican and/or conservative perspective into a trigger event free safe zone that even climate worshippers could embrace.

Totalitarian tolerance will be tolerated.  Unless it is not.  In the absence of arbitration, cutting and pasting will resume, without discussion.

The remaining (three) participants might be as well served with an IM (instant messaging) service, saving the cost of domain registration and hosting fees, while concurrently depriving the lunatic moonbats, gulls, seasonal deviants and municipal government malcontents of mind-fodder.

You can only wonder why anyone would monitor a website with such delicate sensitivity as to count the number of pages of “content” someone may have printed.

Paranoia strikes deep

Into your mind it will creep

It starts when your always afraid

Of what someone said, the other day


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