Just imagine… what would Sarah Palin do?

Of the stuff in this world that just doesn’t matter, what Sarah Palin thinks is about on par with consumer preferences for table salt or the direction to turn a door knob.  Sheesh, the very fact that she signed on with McCain was, in and of itself, a moment of derelict destitution.  And though that wasn’t distracting enough, she brought her idiot bastard family into the story as feed for the malignant media.

If nothing more will end the Trump foolishness, let Palin be the kiss of failure.  Hell, who knows, maybe Trump can find himself a gig on Fox or even buy the damned network.

Trump is no more a Republican than NancyBoy Graham or most of the GOP owned, operated and failed Senate.

Thank goodness for “Bristol”, without her, America would have no greater moral compass than Mrs. Obama.

Surely… surely, Trump is not stupid enough to dive on the dumpsters when he can just as readily own the company.

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