Well, I guess I really botched that up…

The hosting service I had been using for the past few years got to be a little pricier than seemed justifiable, so I went shopping for a better deal.  And I found a better deal, much better, a third of the annual fee…

So, I backed up all the files, database, downloaded it all and set about transferring all that stuff to the new host.  Damn.

I don’t know why I didn’t get all the data and content but it wasn’t until the new hosting service brought the site online that I discovered that nothing in the database, after January 7, 2014 was saved for the conversion.  Ah hell, I may just dump the whole lot of it, pick out a new theme, set it up and start over with new content.

What better time of the year to make the transition than the horribly truncated days of late fall, heading into early winter and not much else to do in too many dark hours.

This site is now subject to dramatic recomportment.  Just because.

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