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2 comments for “Yellow Tail

  1. GoatFish
    September 20, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Just talking to a cousin on fed book.
    He asked the question: ”Who is the most famous person you met in real life?”
    1st: My doesn’t work here.
    2nd: sorry about the lightshot.
    3rd: My reply to my liberal cousin:

    • Bob
      September 21, 2017 at 8:50 pm

      Reverend Goat… the litany of famous people I have met even amazes me. Most of the famous folks are related to my time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and includes Omar Bradley, Mamie Eisenhower, William O. Douglas and a long list of Congressmen. However, one of my favorite memories was being on stage with Rory Gallagher and his band, back in the early 70s.

      Is that your canine unit in the screen capture? He’s a handsome as can be German Shepherd.

      As you may recall, our much beloved mastiff completed his life cycle earlier this summer. Subsequently, we have acquired a “retired” greyhound. He’s a real study in animal complexity, an autonomous sort who loves being with people but will go up to his bed in the middle of the day, take a snooze and then resume his regularly scheduled life of opportunism.

      Liberal women. I can’t even get started on that one having never known a conservative woman. Well, maybe a couple of them were about moderates but context becomes important and there are occasions when liberalism matters more than other times.

      It’s the first day of fall, the days are already tragically shortening. There is much to be done before it gets too cold for outdoor work. This week has not been beneficial for the projects in process but I did manage to put some paint in a place where it belonged, this afternoon.

      Hmmm, I met John Hartford at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in Valley Forge, circa 1970/1971. As it were, I did some professional work for Pete Seeger–shitass-sonofabitch as he was. It helps to be able to compartmentalize some things in life and I try to not let the music become affected by nuances of the performers.

      Just rigged up my old kegerator after a lengthy hiatus from lack of space to use it. Some of the fix-up work on this shack have opened a little space and there was a bargain on 1/2 kegs of Heineken at Total Beverage. So, I have about 15 gallons of Heiny on draft. Let me know if you want wet the whistle. You can bring your own mug or use one of mine that the dog has not licked!

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